The Goblin

The Goblin



Weight: 275g/m

Color: Emerald Green

Pattern: Plain

Thread Count: -

Material: 100% Linen

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Neapolitan Shoulder

Neapolitan Shoulder

Full Canvas Roll.

Full Canvas Roll.

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Half Canvas Construction

Eventually, a compromise was developed: a half canvas suit.

A half canvased suit uses a sewn in canvas piece in the chest and the lapel of the jacket, and is fused on the bottom part of the jacket. This allows you to have the canvas at the most important part of the suit, and keeps the price down by having less handwork.

If you want to maximize your value, a half-canvassed suit jacket is the way to go

Full Canvas Construction

Horsehair Canvassed

The full canvas suit meets every demand of the modern man’s lifestyle. In development, prototypes are placed in climatic compartments that mimic different weather conditions, ensuring the tailoring always looks its best.

A full-canvassed suit jacket is one that is constructed with canvas fabric spanning the entire inside front panels and lapels of the jacket. As a middle structural layer, the canvas is hand stitched to the fabric rather loosely (i.e., a “floating” canvas), so the garment can move with you. What results is a suit that drapes much more naturally, conforms to the body and looks much better, especially when you’re making moves…like a boss.

Full-canvassed jackets are the most labor and time intensive, require a higher level of skill to make, and thus, tend to be pricier. In return for the premium paid, you get a suit that not only molds to you, but will last the longest.