A pair of chinos is usually the best companion for a casual occasion. It is relatively known that these type of men’s pants are not the best fit for business and formal environments. However, with contemporary styles today, you can even match a pair of chinos with a formal suit jacket to grace that big networking event. As the best men’s tailor in Singapore, the talented tailors at Made Suits can customise your suit jacket to the perfect cut to attain a refined and elegant look, especially when matched with a pair of Chinos.

Chinos are a type of trouser which became famous as soldiers wore uniforms that were made out of cotton in the past. Chinos was part of standard military wear by the British and American armies as the fabric was durable and comfortable. Chinos were made in natural earth-tone colours as it was highly needed to be able to camouflage.

Today, Chinos have migrated into civilian wear with a fashion significance attached to it. Not many know that a pair of chinos is an amazing fashion item to own. Men all over can depend on a pair of chinos as they are available in many cotton-blend styles which makes for a slightly dressy or dress-down day. You can even achieve the chic gentlemen look with the alluring range of colours chinos come in.

Finding the perfect look with a pair of chinos can be challenging, especially if you have a loyal attachment to jeans. Fret not, as we nourish you with the effective ways of wearing a pair of Chinos and everything you need to know about it.

1) Formal vs Casual Chinos

Formal vs Casual Chinos.png

There are a few stylistic differences between a formal and casual pair of Chinos.

Formal Chinos usually look like dress trousers. They are made out of cotton twill instead of wool. It has an extended tab waistband closure with front slant pockets to give it a classic and formal appearance. As compared to your causal Chinos, they tend to look like your favourite pair of denim with the standard side pockets and hem.

To complete the look, pair the chinos with a tailored shirt. At Made Suits, we can give you the right fit with our tailored shirts in Singapore.

2) How to Wear Chinos

How to Wear Chinos.png

The most challenging task is to sport a formal look with a pair of Chinos.

To achieve this look, treat your chinos like a pair of dress trousers. Match it with a dress shirt, silk tie, suit jacket and leather loafers. This look will allow you to experiment with chino colours. Take risks, and settle with light pastel blue chinos to greet the office with a subtle hint of class.

Most importantly, nothing can beat the message a fitted pair of chinos gives to its spectator. Always go for fit, as it exudes a particular sense of confidence and aura that no baggy pair of chinos can replace. To get the right fit, Made Suits is the best men’s tailor in Singapore to meet all of your requirements the professional way.

3) Choosing the Right Colour

Choosing the Right Colour.png

In the summer, light pastels such as seafoam green, white, brown and sky blue will fit warm weathers and tropical climates effectively. They can work well during the spring and summer seasons.

With Christmas right around the corner, rich and deep colours are just perfect for the colder seasons. Burgundy, emerald and forest green will suit the occasion well and set you apart from the crowd.

If you are planning the formal-casual look for Christmas this year, then Made Suits is the perfect men’s tailor in Singapore to grace you with all your bespoke requirements.

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