How to identify a bad suit


When you’re wearing a good suit, it does the speaking for you; it denotes class, style and confidence. It’s no secret that a well-made suit draws the attention of people, it’s depicted countless of times in literature, films and through real life experiences. Apart from moulding people’s perception of you, wearing a good suit also infuses you with a sense of control and determination. As suggested by studies, formal wear such as suits enhances a person’s abstract cognitive processing. Therefore, it is important when perusing for a suit to add to your wardrobe that you are able to identify some of the tell-tall signs of a bad suit.

When contrasting a good suit from a bad suit, it’s important to pay attention to the back the suit. A good suit should be free of wrinkles or excess material, it should follow the body precisely perpetuating a sleek look. The back of your suit should look similar to the picture on the left. A bad suit, depicted in the picture on the right, will have a crumpled back perpetuating an unkempt image.


Upon trying on a suit jacket, an infallible way of assessing its fit is to check for a collar gap. A collar gap is an expanse of space between the peripheral of the back shirt and jacket collar. The fit of a collar is immensely important to the overall look of a suit, if the collar is improperly sewn it creates a sloppy, untailored look. Pictured below is an example of a properly sewn collar, the collar of the jacket is not pulling away from the shirt but instead fits snugly.


An apparent sign of a badly made suit is a crumpled shoulder line. The shoulder line of a good suit should stretch perfectly flat and snugly across the shoulders. If the shoulder line displays bunched up material like the picture below, it’s an improperly made and fitted suit which will negate the essence of a suit.


Correct Fit for the Shoulder Which should be FLUSHED.

Made-Suits-Correct Fit Shoulder.jpg

A more subtle difference between a bad suit and a good suit, is the presence of a lapel roll. A lapel is the folded flaps of material found on the front of the suit jacket. A good suit has a lapel which sits softly upon the breast of the suit and has malleable roll where the belly of the suit is. Its canvas is often infused with something akin to horse hair to maintain its integrity. An example of a quality lapel is illustrated in the picture below. A badly made or cheap suit tends to have stiff lapels which are often glued, sewn or iron down to the front of the jacket. The length of these lapels do not contain a roll, instead they have a rigid appearance.


The quality of a suit speaks volumes about a person and their approach. It is important not to neglect the fine details in the suit as these minutiae tells the onlooker more than you would think. Send a powerful and strong first impression with a perfectly-cut, tailored business suit to hug you in all the right places, hand-made by Made Suits.

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