A tuxedo is as good as it gets.

No one can get past the flawless vibe it brings to any occasion.

This is why many men choose the tuxedo to look clean-cut, fresh and irresistibly attractive. Especially during a black-tie event.

Since the origin of a tuxedo, it has always been considered to be the most perfect evening outfit. In fact, it is usually clearly stated in the invitations that wearing one is a requirement.

At Made Suits Singapore, we can take any tuxedo to the next level. We believe in curating the most special bespoke experience for anyone intending to get the best tailor-made suits in Singapore.

It is wise to know that in order to make a fashion statement with a tuxedo, one has to stick by certain rules.

Just by doing so, anyone can pull off a tuxedo get up.

At Made Suits, we teach you how to do it. Read on to find out more about the makings of a bespoke tuxedo.


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It is important to get the correct fitting according to your body shape. The finer details come later. Our fitting specialists will provide a measurement catered to your body type. This is done to ensure a correct fit is in order for the tailor to churn out the tuxedo suit.

Everyone has to make the cut, so a baste fitting has to happen. It is the first time you will get to try on your very own Bespoke Suit! This is where every inch of your body will be examined and measured.

When tailoring a tuxedo, it is important to note that the fabric around the stomach should not be too tight or strained. It should just hug it perfectly, without spacing to give it a more distinct look.


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Which is more appropriate? A one-button or two-button fastening? This mostly depends on your personal style and preference. There is no right or wrong. In fact, it is good to experiment with either one to see which one fits better.

The one-button is becoming evidently more popular at Black Tie and formal events. The one-button is just right for a casual man’s wear as well. It is almost perfect for one of those social fancy night events.

Its low-plunge deep V can help show off a shirt and tie or tie and vest combination. The fact that it gives more space and freedom to breathe around the midsection makes it all the more comfortable.

A two-button fastening still gives enough room to show off your shirt and tie combination. It is special because it hugs fittingly at the waist allowing more shape to the jacket silhouette. It works well for leaner and taller men.

In any case, the two-button is still one of the safest choices. It is traditional, classy and timeless.


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Never underestimate the power of shoulders. A powerful shoulder to lean on can create miracles.

When it comes to tailoring, the shoulders define a man’s figure especially under the silhouette of a jacket. It is also one of the key places for the tailor to measure. The Made Suits signature Suit Neopolitan Shoulders also known as “Spalla Camicia”, is a great example.

It is one of a kind as it provides with shoulder expression emphasising on the fact that it is handmade. Looking at how a man’s shoulder appears in a tuxedo is the perfect way to be certain that the suit was tailored according to his size.

Now that we have got the fundamentals covered, you can rock a tuxedo just the way you like it!

Neapolitan Shoulders

Neapolitan Shoulders

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