Characteristics of the Perfect Dress Shirt


The key to ensuring you perpetuate a crisp, clean image is in the details. It’s easy to forget the significance of a well-fitted dress shirt when lost in the excitement of buying a suit. It’s also easy to forget the significance of a perfect dress shirt when ill-fitted and cheap shirts dominate the bustling streets of the central business district. At Made Suits Singapore, we endeavour to arm our clients with the knowledge and attire to achieve the best presentation of themselves. When looking for dress shirts to add to your wardrobe, it’s important to ensure they have these characteristics.

Characteristic 1: An appropriate fit

Fitted Shirt from Made Suits.png

While it may seem obvious that the fit of your shirt will predominately dictate how you look, it is often given little attention. Ensuring you have the right fit is more than choosing between small, medium or large. In order to avoid the baggy folds and tacky creases that come with an ill-fitted shirt, it is important to keep in mind the three basics fits of a shirt and decide which fits your body the best. The basic fits available are regular, tapered and slim. Regular shirts fall straight and feature added pleats in the back for comfort. Tapered shirts are modern in style, with a narrow body and sleeves. There are no back pleats present either. Slim shirts follow the contours of your body and have added darts in the back to perpetuate a more defined waistline.  

Characteristic 2: An Appropriate Collar Fit

Mother Of Pearl Buttons

When buying a shirt, it is important to ensure that the fit of the collar is correct. A simple and effective way to test whether the collar of shirt is the right fit is to slip your index and middle fingers down the side of your collar. If you struggle to fit two fingers into the space that lies between your collar and your neck, then it is too small for you. If you find that there is a large expanse of space allowing for more than two fingers, then it is too big for you.   

Characteristic 3: Quality Buttons

What qualifies a good dress shirt from the best dress shirt will be in the quality of materials in the tiniest of features. It is easy to overlook the buttons of a shirt and the material they are made from. The common dress shirt usually utilise plastic buttons which are economical and generally durable if a quality resin has been utilised. In contrast, finest quality shirts are adorned with the desired Mother of Pearl buttons. These buttons are made from the exquisite shell of pearls and are resilient enough to break needles. At Made Suits, all our custom shirts are finished off with Mother of Pearl buttons.

A well fitted quality dress shirt will help you create the polished look you want and complement the essence of your suit. The ability to identify a quality dress shirt that fits your body is a priceless skill. At Made Suits, we offer a variety of quality dress shirts. Drop into our store to view our collection or peruse through our website.