How to Wear a Tuxedo


The great origin story of the Tuxedo involves Prince Edward VII and his desire to kick back and relax during the 18th century when long tailcoats were dominating men’s fashion. The trend-setting royalty wanted an ensemble more formal than a lounge suit but without the restrictive trimmings of a tailcoat to wear in informal settings. From then on, the tuxedo or ‘suit jacket’ as it was labelled back then took off. While the Tuxedo’s origin story may denote carefree vibes, many men today find wearing a tuxedo a stressful event as they are unsure of the rules in wearing one. The general aversion to tuxedo’s can easily be circumvented by familiarising yourself with the 4 holy grails of wearing a tuxedo.

Holy Grail #1

The first Holy Grail of Tuxedo club is…the tuxedo you wear must be your own. It is easy to be courted by the cheap price tag of a rental tuxedo. However, a rented tuxedo will never do your physique the justice a Tuxedo measured specifically for you will. It can also be observed that rental suits or tuxedos tend to use cheaper fabrics and poorly made feature such as ironed flat lapels. A tuxedo is an elegant and timeless outfit that every man should own; it is an investment in personal branding that denotes class and confidence. Made Suits offers seven different styles of suits inspired by different personalities such as Double 00 and Kingsmen.

Holy Grail #2

Incorporate either a cummerbund or vest into your tuxedo. Unless you are wearing a double-breasted jacket that’s buttoned up at all times, it is imperative you have either a cummerbund or vest to main the sleek pulled-together look of a tuxedo. If you choose to wear a cummerbund, it is important to adhere to the two golden rules: 1) Avoid at all costs ones with braces 2) Ensure the pleats face up. 

Holy Grail #3

Wear the right shirt. There are two acceptable collar styles that make a tuxedo shirt:1) Classic traditional point collar 2) wing collar. The wing collar design reveals the band of the bow tie going around the neck while the traditional point collar is less flamboyant. There is also the personal choice of a shirt with a plain or pleated front. Whichever collar design or front design you pick for your tuxedo shirt, it is immensely important that your shirt has French Cuffs. At Made Suits we have quality tuxedo shirts available for you in a plethora of fabrics. 

Holy Grail #4

Always stick to the classic black bow tie. There is nothing that emanates informed class and style than a Tuxedo finished off with a real bow tie. While modern adjustments to the tuxedo has seen to men walking the red carpet of the Oscars in long skinny ties, tradition and history reveals that the bow tie is the best accessory. 

While it may be daunting wearing a Tuxedo for the first time, if you adhere to these Holy Grails the experience can be as relaxing as the Tuxedo’s origin story. At Made Suits we can help you in your journey of finding the right Tuxedo and learning the intricacies of wearing one correctly. Browse through our website and make an appointment to have the perfect Tuxedo created just for you.